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Culmination: Systems of Expression

When game systems are authored to suit the message of the work, the message becomes the medium. 

Culmination: Systems of Expression is my college honors thesis game, and a prototype of the full project currently in development. It combines all the skills I have built up over my undergraduate career, including making films, games, writing, directing, editing, and so on.

It is a multimedia experimental work that attempts to thematically connect and analyze the mediums of film and digital games as expressions of personal experience by using a dynamic shifting-medium design philosophy. 

It also serves as a sort of design manifesto for my future projects.

It serves to address the questions of:

  1. how video games and film are related as mediums,

  2. how mediums themselves serve as gateways to forms of experience,

  3. how experience and creativity are linked,

  4. and what I believe the future of game design to be.

Above all, by juxtaposing scenes made of different mediums in a single work with multi-genre game design, this project posits game genres and systems themselves as individual mediums of expression, that, when combined, allow for games to become multi-medium texts.

Source Code:

The story involves a student of Hunter College going through their day, as the game switches between the real, the social, and the internal modes of experience. Each scene is a new medium or a new genre of game, with new rules, control schemes, and camera angles.

This project was made under the supervision and guidance of Professor Ricardo Miranda and Professor Christopher Chung of Hunter College, City University of New York.


The 3D models are a mix of work between myself and Steven Banh.

The music was composed by Moses Levich, and can be found here

1 semester
Director, Writer
Production Planning
Film Directing
Gameplay Programming
Gameplay Design
Multigenre Gaming
Multimedia Production
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