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Scape Robot

Takahashi Game Jam 2023-​

Developed at the Takahashi City Game Jam Venue

Deep underground lies a strange robot factory.

The machine men birthed here follow only one order engraved in their electronic brains:
"aim for the surface". 

Each day is a repetition of trial and error as they labor to achieve their climb.

Even as their fellows and compatriots succumb to dysfunction, still they climb for the top, to reach Humanity, the all-knowing maker.

Little do they know, their all-powerful creators died out years ago, in 5963 AD...

The theme for this two day game jam was the Japanese word 'harau', which among its many meanings, my team chose to interpret as 'sacrifice'.

This is a puzzle platforming game where you must use bodies left behind by player deaths to climb toward the goals of the stages. 

I contributed as a programmer. I also designed the

first level.

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