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Undergraduate Game Projects


A first person dungeon crawler with branching dialogue mechanics.  Developed for Game Programming class.

The movement and dialogue systems were made from scratch, and all the assets were developed by the group.

Source Code:

2 months
Director, Programmer,
Game Designer
C# Gameplay Programming
Original First Person Controller
 Branching Dialogue System
First Person Dungeon Level Design
Using Coroutines
Unity Engine

This interior cave environment was modeled and sculpted in Maya for a 3D Environments class. 

One of the most common environments used in video games, caves are often used in stories to indicate the unknown, the areas outside of the hero's safety, nonage, or guarded upbringing. They can indicate a passage into a far greater journey, or a shift in focus toward the internal or immaterial -- an annihilation of external self that allows for the changes required in the hero to occur, which will make them capable of the quest. 

These ideas informed the design of this cave environment -- the atmospheric unknown, the internal becoming external.

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