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Space Face Battle

Global Game Jam 2024-​

Developed at the Jam Site in Shikoku Medical Center for Children and Adults

Based on the given theme of ‘make me laugh’, we developed a twin analog stick game about a space battle between two gigantic FACESHIPs.

As you move, the faces stretch and pull to crazy proportions!

Stretching thinner will make it easier to dodge bullets, and stretching larger will also make bullets bigger.

2.5 Days
Design Lead, Programmer, Modeler
Game Design Planning
Leading Design Discussions

C# Gameplay Programming
Multiplayer Joystick Programming
Unity Engine
Things I Learned

After discussing ideas for a game addressing the theme of “make me laugh,” I pitched an idea that contained aspects of other group member’s ideas: to make a simple 2-player spaceship battle game played at the center of the screen on an arcade-like window, that is controlled through a virtual, malleable 3d clay face model, similar to the Mario 64 title screen. 

This idea proved a bit challenging within the time frame, so we changed it to a space battle directly held between two faces that get their meshes pushed and pulled based on twin analog stick movements on the controller.

As the person who pitched the original idea, I was given responsibility for lead design decisions. It was my first time leading a group in Japanese, but I was able to successfully lead design discussions and see the project through to completion. I also constructed the basic face model, programmed the gamepad controller functions, and wrote the algorithms for manipulating the face meshes.

Original game plan.JPG

Original Game Idea Plan

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