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Meteor Roots

Global Game Jam 2023-​

Developed at a Game Jam Venue

in a temple in Kagawa

From the sky fell a massive meteor.

The rocks splintered and cascaded, taking root and spreading viruses across the crash site.

The war between cellular and particulate life has begun.

Containing and annihilating the spread is your mission as the only surviving member of the Deep Space Bioterror Prevention Task Force.

Anti-virus spray gun in-hand, break down the meteorite clusters completely before the Earth is claimed by the body-killers.

With the theme of 'roots' in mind, we developed this short game in two and a half days. 

You play as an interplanetary virus exterminator, tasked with eliminating bleeding virus particles from meteorites and craters. 

I participated as a 3D environment artist and modeler, texture designer, and English localizer.

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